Friday, January 13, 2006

Part 02 "Happy"

Deel 2
Thema van vanavond is een lied van Nederlandse bodem.
hmm...een band die we zeker niet mogen overslaan is Intwine. De acoustische versie van het nummer "Happy" vind ik echt geweldig. Ik heb dit keer Wiendelt "Farmerboy" Hooijer ingeschakelt die mij begeleidt op gitaar. Laten we eens even kijken wat ik ervan bak.

klik hieronder op "comments" en geef je commentaar. Jij bent dit keer de jury!


Anonymous Stefhan the Hermit said...

I barely understood a word. But don't worry, I did go out to buy the deo. And please tell Jerney to move her face. I hope you have more succes in this show then in the Idols show. Somehow I think you win! And can you tell the guitar player to smoke a little grass, because he was moving his head so much, I thought it was gonna take off. The Hermit

Anonymous Stephen the Hermit said...

P.S. If your mother spells my name right (Stephen), I can hardly wait till next week so I can write some more nonsense, and with the help of your mother's typing, I'm sure it will be nonsense. And that's called, consistensy!!
Ghost writer "mom",
(Steve being the ghost, you being the victim)

Blogger Marion said...

Sja.. je optreden was, ook deze keer, weer erg goed. Vond alleen die idioot op de achtergrond nagal afleidend. Zou ik stante pede ontslaan. 't is dat ie leuke kindjes maken kan....

Anonymous Jan said...

Leuk gedaan gabriel, performance uitstekend!! En de zang tja, wat kan ik erover zeggen: gewoon goed gedaan. Die gitarist bewoog wel heel veel op en neer, daardoor had hij die deo uiteindelijk ook nodig denk ik.. Maar vet gedaan, ga zo door.

Groetjes Jan

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heb je het nummer van die gitarist! Hij ziet er niet uit...maar wat een soul heeft hij, man. Echt toppie!

Anonymous Marieke said...

First of all, I like the tongue-in-cheek action, I like it when an artist doesn't take himself and others toooo seriously.
The singing isn't the most pleasant I've ever heard. I saw your performances on the several idols auditions, and I have to say that these were much better than this. You were looking and sounding more relaxed! Here it sounds like you're somehow squeezing your throat or something. It even makes me gasp for air. It's when I'm singing when I'm alone or well anytime at all, I'm so insecure about my voice that my breathing gets in the way and makes it harder to sing a bit loosely.
Other than me, you've got a great voice, so let it out! And try not to repeat and hold on too much onto certain lines, like the end with 'not so happyyyyyy' It's the same as the 'we go to a partyyyy' at your last performance. Try to find a better balance at where to stop and when to try a different note. Like after the third 'not so happy', you should make a change, otherwise it feels like a vinyl is getting stuck.
But on the other hand, I didn't notice the quirkyness of the guitarist until I read it in the comments, so you sure grab my attention. Keep it up!

Sorry for the long story, but I've been waiting to give you some (non-professional) advice and positive critism. I'm a teacher, can you tell? ;-)

Blogger in-ah said...

mh- yes, me like this one.
Heel goed gedaan, schatz!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

rud says: nice guitar go gabe go


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